Friday, 19 August 2011

Food Pr0n

So i have the date for when my mum is coming to visit and its this wednesday (24th August) and since my sister is going on holiday for the thursday to the monday, i shall have her all to myself! well, me and my neice, who as it happens, is nursing a pretty serious baking addiction too, so thats our activites sorted then!

I am really looking forward to getting in the kitchen with my mum, at her house we have a big country style kitchen that is the heart of the home, and even when people are staying that aren't partaking in the cooking, they like to sit in there with us...Radio 2 blaring and hot black coffee being dunked with home made biscuits...until the sun is over the yard arm anyway and the wine is opened :)

I shall be convincing mum to go through her pastry recipes with me again and also bread making, so i hope i shall be able to come home with many scrummy delights! I shall also be sharing with her some of my favourite food blogs at the moment with the prime ultimatum of getting her to help me make some of them! Luckily we are having a big family shinding while she is here, so we wont have to eat all the lovelies ourselves...although really, that would not be such a problem!!!

so, firstly my current food blog addictions are:

I think i found sprinkle Bakes at a perfect time as the wonderful recipes are currently being collated into a book, and i am not suprised at all. When i first saw them i thought 'wow, these are way over my head, i shall just look and drool!' and while some of the recipes are indeed more advanced the way they are described and explained with pictures and some video tutoials makes the whole thing so much easier to follow! i certainly cant wait to buy the book when it comes out.

In the meantime i am definately going to try these cowtails:

and this chocolate peanut butter terrine:

both of which look like they can be stored for a while. i certainly am looking forward to having an hour to myself, opening SFX magazing, making a fresh coffee and unwrapping a cow tail...sounds loverly!

My second current food blog addiction is this lady:
where the above two sweets can be stored, this one needs to be eated straight away, and it makes me drool every time i look at it. in fact, i am pretty amazed that i havnt shorted my laptop!


I cant wait to try these with mum and neice. I am not sure there will be any left for sister when she returns from her trip with her chap...although, i may have to either half the recipe or find something interesting to do with stale scrummy doughnuts, no matter how sweet our teeth are, i dont think we can manage to eat 28 cream doughnuts between us!

enjoy the food pr0n (which by the way, is an intentional typo for my austenites!)


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