Friday, 19 August 2011

My First Post :)

Ok, here i finally am...
i have been boring my browncoats with my food addiction for a little while now and i think they may be past their peak of interest, so instead of simply drooling over all the delicious recipes that i find online, and dreaming of owning all the loverly things i find on home shopping sites, and making notes in my decorating journal of all the things i want to do to my home when i move i can now....(drum roll please!)...put them all here and hope that someone else other than just me wants to read them!!!

Where to start though? about with a little introduction?
I am Polly and i live in Manchester in Northern Enland and i am starting my teacher training qualification next month and planning on moving into my very own home later this year, which is becomming very exciting to me on the decorating and sewing front! i fully intend on taking advantage of my mums visit home next week to teach me how to use her very complicated sewing machine to make my curtains and bedspread! although i currently dont have window measurements i can make my bedspread and cushion covers and wait a little while longer for my windows...that should be fab!

am planning on scurrying around my mums attic this weekend to dig out all the bits and bobs that i actually do own in order to finalise my colours, but i have the feeling that, as i am a little bohemian in my tastes and tend to pick out the things that other people dont want and give them a home, any colour chart that i settle for will end up being a rainbow of everything anyway! still, i can at least get going on deciding my base colours right?

but to start with, please let me introduce you to one of my favourite shops online ever: Plumo.

whatever colours i end up with, this site will inspire me and hopefully, help me to fill those little corners that need arty encouragemnt! especially with this Armenian Teapot,

these beautifully decorated painted indian cups:

and this indian spice box:

so hopefully, this is just the start to this leg of the journey of my lift and i am exfcited that it is filled with colour, love, cakes, scifi and my browncoats.


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